We provide insurance solutions for all types of clients ranging from private individuals and sole traders through to multi-national corporations.

Our size and independence keeps us nimble, which makes us efficient.

We accept nothing less than excellence in every aspect of our operation. 

We bring honesty, integrity and trust into everything we do. 

We completely immerse ourselves into each clients business.

We do all this with a genuine passion to see our clients flourish.

We treat all our clients equally and provide a consistently high level of service.

We offer competitive insurance solutions for a wide range of industries, small and large. The following describes a selection of policies we arrange on behalf of our clients.

Motor Trade Insurance

Property Insurance

Commercial Combined Insurance

Liability Insurance

Fleet & Haulage Insurance

Manufacturing Insurance

Hotels & Guesthouse Insurance

Construction Insurance

Office & Surgery Insurance

Pub & Restaurant Insurance

Self-Drive Hire Insurance

Recruitment Insurance

Technology Insurance

Professional Indemnity

Shop & Take Away, Insurance

The products and services we offer are as varied as our clientele and include almost every type of business insurance. We are always happy to discuss any other general insurance enquiry you may have. Please give us a call.